Dr. Martinez speaks about the Border Fence on St. Louis CBS Radio.

sUAS (drone) work: Dr. Martinez and students in Geog/Ensc 573-GIS Modeling of the Natural Environment map out landslide (behind group) on the SIUE campus.

Stream Table work: Students at SIUE conduct experiments for Geomorphology and River Landscapes courses.

Tijuana River Estuary, San Diego, CA: I am currently working on project examining changes in sediment deposition along the Tijuana River Estuary.


ESRI User Conference, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA.

Meramac River, Missouri:  My graduate student Katie Siech conducted a study examining the impact of land use on macro-invertebrate biodiversity.


Provo River, Utah:  A colleague at Utah Valley University and I conducted a study examining the impact of the recent (1992) Jordanelle Dam on the vegetation dynamics and sediment transport of the Provo River.


Sprague River, Oregon:  My dissertation work involved examining the influence of native and invasive vegetation on water velocity and sediment deposition on the Sprague River.


Middle Fork John Day River, Oregon:  I helped conduct field work on the influence of restoration in improving salmon habitat on the Middle Fork John Day River.



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